Baohaus – Pretty Decent Monday Special

**Note this restaurant has moved, new address below**

I reviewed Baohaus a while ago on chowhound, which you can see here, I liked it a lot and I go there somewhat frequently to fulfill my cravings for gua bao and I also really like their fried chicken bao because it tastes just like ji pai (Taiwanese fried chicken) you get in Taipei.

I got an email from them (I signed up for their email list) saying they have a Monday Special.  I went in there last Monday and got it to go.  It was pretty good albeit a little on the small side.

Here’s what was in it:

Fish Cake with Smoked Ham Hock: This was a fried fish cake with bits of smoked ham hock in it.  It was freshly fried and the fish cake tasted homemade, it was good although it was a little on the salty side.  7.75/10

Eight Treasure Bao: This was a bao (steamed white bun) filled with a stir fry made of sliced mushrooms, carrots, dried tofu, bamboo shoots and maybe one or two other things.  It was quite good, the bun was fresh tasting and the stir fry had good flavor and wasn’t overly greasy or salty. 7.75/10

Dong Po Rou: Dong po rou is made by pan frying and then braising pork belly in soy sauce, Chinese rice wine and caramelized sugar.  It’s very tender and fatty since its pork belly.  I really like this dish a lot.  The version here was pretty tasty, it was very tender and had pretty decent flavor.  7.75/10

Overall, I thought it was good not mind blowing, but solidly good.  Worth trying if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

238 E 14th St (between 2nd and 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10003
(646) 669-8889

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