Korean Thanksgiving – Sorry You Can’t Buy This

This website is mainly a restaurant site, but this Korean food was so good that I had to put up some food porn from my Thanksgiving at my GF’s mom’s house.

From the top left corner clockwise:

Spicy green peppers stir fried with dried fish, lotus root slices in a sweet soy sauce, gaenyip (a type of pickled Korean shiso leaf), fried fish, a type of pajun (Korean pan fried pancake), more of the spicy green peppers fried with dried fish, a type of spinach like vegetable in a sort of tenjang (bean paste) sauce, two types of marinated vegetables, more fried fish, homemade white kimchi and homemade red kimchi.  Everything is made from scratch including all the sauces, kimchi etc.  Every dish in this picture is really good.

Mak Gook Soo:

This is a cold thin noodle in a light broth with takuan (yellow pickle), kimchi, strips of fish cake that has been stir fried in a soy sauce type of sauce and then you put a dash of a sauce made from soy sauce, sesame oil with green onions, chili flakes and sesame seeds.  I really love this dish.

Sorry you can’t go out and try this, but I had to put it up anyhow.