Geo Si Gi is located in the main strip of Northern Boulevard that is filled with Korean restaurants. It specializes in gamja tang, which is a spicy pork rib and potato stew.

The restaurant has standard Flushing décor meaning there isn’t too much in the way of ambiance, but it’s quite clean.  The servers were nice, but their English wasn’t great.  However, the menu is in English and has a lot of pictures, so you shouldn’t have too many problems if you’re not with someone who speaks Korean.


The panchan was a standard array of kimchi, kkakdugi, seaweed, bean sprouts, fish cakes and pickled radish.  They were all pretty solid.  8/10

Seafood Pancake (Haemul Pajun)

This was a standard Korean pan fried seafood pancake.  It made well as it wasn’t gooey and was nicely crispy on the outside.  I enjoyed it.  8/10

Stir Fried Korean Blood Sausage (Soon Dae Bokeum)

This was Korean blood sausage (soon dae) stir fried with glass noodles, cabbage, carrots and green onions in a spicy and sweet sauce.   Korean blood sausage is filled with rice and glass noodle.  It’s got a savory and unique flavor; I like it a lot.  Everything was pretty good about this, but I found the sauce too sweet if it had been less sweet I would’ve given it a higher rating. 7.5/10

Korean Potato Stew (Gamja Tang)

This is the house specialty.  It’s a spicy soup made with pork rib, potato, vegetables, green onion, hot peppers and ground sesame seed.  The soup is spicy and tastes of pork and the ground sesame seed.  The meat is fall of the bone tender.  Most things about the version here were done right except the spicing of the soup.  It should be very flavorful, but I found the spicing light handed so it was blander than it should be.  It was decent, but not great.  I would’ve given it a higher rating if it the soup had been more properly seasoned. 7.5/10

Overall, I was a bit disappointed as I expected it to be excellent as it was a specialist, but it turned out to just be alright.

152-28 Northern Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354
Phone: (718) 888-0001