Lao Dian Tou Tai Nan Yi Mian 老店頭台南意麵 is a small restaurant specializing in food from Tainan.  It’s located just off the main strip of Tong Hua Night Market.  I found it by accident when I was walking around because it was packed and there were several news articles about it posted on the stand in front.  The restaurant is two carts in front with small wooden tables in back, it’s really somewhere in between a restaurant and a street stall.  The ladies were quite nice.  I don’t think anyone speaks English there and the menus were only in Chinese.  You could probably point, but it would be helpful to be with someone who can speak and preferably read Chinese.

Zong He Rou Geng 綜合肉羹

This is soup with football shaped white fish balls and small meatballs that look like a brain.  The soup is thick and savory tasting; it tasted great with vinegar, chili and white pepper.  The cilantro added a nice flavor dimension.  I thought this was quite good. 8.25/10

Gan Yi Mian 乾意麵

The house specialty is noodles from Tainan, which is the most southern major city in Taiwan.  It is noodles topped with a ground pork ragu, bean sprouts, golden fried onions and topped with a dark brown savory sauce.  The ground pork ragu is very similar lu rou fan.  The noodles are perfectly QQ (al dente).  When it’s all mixed together its savory flavor with a slight sweetness and the golden fried onions were a really nice touch.  Overall, these were delicious and I really liked them. 8.75/10

You Dou Fu 油豆腐

This is fried tofu with a savory brown sauce on it.  The tofu is room temperature and relatively mild in flavor, the brown savory sauce gave the dish most of its flavor.  It will remind you of the tofu you get in Hakka yong tau foo.  It was decent, but a little light on flavor. 7.75/10

Overall, I enjoyed this place a lot and actually came back twice.  If you’re at Tong Hua night market, I highly recommend trying it out.

No. 65 Tong Hua Street
(02) 2702 7823