Panade – Awesome Cream Puffs in the Lower Eastside

Panade is a small café that I’ve been going to for a few years, but for some reason I never wrote a post about it.  They serve various pastries, cookies and coffee.  However, the reason I love this place are the crème puffs.

The place is run by young Chinese-American woman who is very friendly.  Originally, the shop was across the street in a very small space, but recently they moved across the street into a much bigger space.  This is great because I assume that they moved because they are doing well. The inside walls are exposed brick, there is a big counter where the food is showcased and prepared and there are tables along the back end of the store.

Banana Crème Puff:

The reason I come here is for their banana crème puff.  It’s similar to Beard Papa’s, but better. The puffs are fresh and fluffy, they dust powdered sugar on them and the filling is great.  The banana pudding filling is so good, great banana flavor and fresh sliced bananas.  These are great.  8.5/10

Overall, I highly recommend stopping by Panade as it is really good.

132A Eldridge St (between Broome St & Delancey St)
Manhattan, NY 10002

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