Yee Shun Dairy Company – Delicious Milk Pudding in Hong Kong

Yee Shun Dairy Company is a chain of Chinese milk pudding places in Hong Kong.  When I go to HK I used to get dou hua (a silky tofu with a sweet syrup poured over it) everyday, but once I found Yee Shun I switched to getting their milk pudding on a daily basis.  The restaurants don’t have much décor to them and the services is quick and without any frills.

Double Milk Pudding:

The milk pudding is very light and has this great milky creamy flavor, I particularly like the pudding skin that is on the top of the pudding.  It’s not too sweet, which I like because I don’t really like very sweet desserts.  I can literally eat this multiple times per day because it’s so light and not very sweet.  They have other flavors, which I’ve tried, but the double milk is definitely my favorite one. 9/10

Definitely recommend trying this place out.

G/F., 506 Lockhard Road, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣駱克道 506 號地下
Phone: 2591 1837

Wai Kee / 清真惠記 (Qing Zhen Hui Ji) – Amazing Chinese Muslim Curry Lamb in Hong Kong

In my December 2009 trip to Hong Kong, I randomly was walking around Causeway Bay and happened to find the 2nd floor food court at the Bowrington Road Market.  It’s a very cool food court that reminds me of a hawker center in Singapore with lots of vendors selling all sorts of different foods (basically all Cantonese).  However, one vendor caught my attention, which was a Muslim Chinese vendor selling curry meats and roast meats.  It looked really good and decided that I needed to try it next time I was in town (unfortunately I was really full when I was walking around).  I asked around and my friends told me it’s really good and it also got excellent reviews on  I finally got to try it on my last trip and wow was it good.

Curry Lamb (Ga Li Yang Rou Fan):

This was so good, the meat is super tender and flavorful, not gamey whatsoever.  The curry sauce is pretty oily and rich, but not in a bad way.  It’s got an amazing flavor and it isn’t too salty or overspiced.  However, it really doesn’t taste like a Chinese dish at all really.  If you just randomly put it in front of me I’d say that it was from India or Pakistan.  It also has pieces of boiled radish in it that go really well with the curry, I originally thought they were potatoes, but as I ate them I realized the texture was different.  Overall, an excellent dish and unbelievably cheap at 28 HKD. 8.5/10

Roast Duck (Kao Ya):

They are also famous for the roast duck.  It looks and tastes like typical Cantonese roast duck.  The skin was excellent, a little crispy and lots of flavor.  The meat was pretty good as well, but there wasn’t that much of it (much more bone than meat).  They give you a plum sauce on the side to dip it in, which goes pretty well with the duck.  Overall, definitely good roast duck although I’m not sure it lives up to the hype of some of the reviews I read. 8/10

If you happen to be in Hong Kong this is definitely a good place (although there are so many good places in HK) and I would definitely try it.

Shop 5, 1/F, 2/F Bowrington Road Market, 21 Bowrington Road, Wan Chai
Phone: 2574 1131