Tuck Shop – Delicious Australian Meat Pies in the East Village

Tuck Shop is a small restaurant doing mainly take-out in the East Village.  They specialize in meat pies from Australia.  The shop is really small, the kitchen takes up most of the place, there are two small tables and a small high counter to eat at.  I’ve been coming here for a couple of years, but I’ve never written about it.  It’s a pretty simple place, so I’ll just right into the food.

Traditional Meat Pie with Pea Soup Floater:

The pie is individual size; it’s probably 5 inches across.  The outside is a golden brown flaky pastry crust that is a little buttery and just generally good.  It’s filled with ground beef that has been seasoned and kind of creates its own sauce.  I like to get it with the “pea soup floater” which means it comes with a pea soup which you dump over the meat pie, I think it goes pretty well with the meat pie and enhances the dish.  Overall, it is very good.  I’ve tried most of the other pies at one point or another, but this one is my favorite.  8/10

Sausage Roll:

The other main dish they serve here is the sausage roll.  It’s a cylinder shaped golden brown flaky pastry that is filled with minced pork, sage, onions, carrots and some other seasonings. Overtime I’ve actually started to think that I like it better than the meat pie although I always get both and then share them.  The thing that really kicks up the sausage roll is eating it with some Sriracha sauce, which goes really well with the sausage roll.  They have it at Tuck shop if you happen to be eating there.   Overall, it’s a great dish.  8.25/10

TimTam Cookies:

I tried these cookies last time I was there.  They are made by Pepperidge Farm and apparently are popular in Australia, I don’t think they normally sell them in the US.  It’s two chocolate cookies with chocolate crème in the middle and then covered in milk chocolate.  I think they are quite good.  7.75/10

Overall, I really like this place and I highly recommend.

68 E 1st St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 979-5200