Tacos & Tacos – Really Good Tacos Al Pastor in Costa Mesa

19th Street is where most of the good Mexican food is in Costa Mesa and when I’m back at home in CA, I usually make at least one stop there.   I had heard that Tacos & Tacos, which I believe may have been called Tacolandia before, had good tacos al pastor.  Tacos al pastor are spicy spit-grilled pork (think of how a shawarma is cooked) that has been marinated for a long time.  When done correctly, it is very tender and flavorful.  Along with carnitas it is one of my favorite types of Mexican food and tacos are in turn one of my favorite foods in general.

Tacos & Tacos is a typical divvy Mexican joint with no real décor to speak of.  The people are pretty nice who work there and the clientele is mainly Mexican.

Tacos al pastor:

Wow this was really good, the meat was really tender and flavorful.  Not overly salty and has that great sort of spicy flavor that good tacos al pastor have.  It’s sort of hard to explain, but go try one and you’ll know what I’m saying.  These were the best tacos al pastor I’ve had in recent memory. 8.25/10


The chips and salsa were solid as well, they were fresh and the salsas they had were really good. 8/10

Short review, but this place is great and definitely worth trying out if you’re in the Costa Mesa area


580 W 19th St

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

(949) 645-0481