Thanh Son – Awesome Tofu / Soy Bean Milk Store in Garden Grove

I found Thanh Son via Yelp and I’ve been going every time I come home from NY.  Thanh Son specializes in soy bean products such as tofu and soy bean milk.  They also sell a variety of Vietnamese snacks.

It’s a small store in a relatively new looking strip small.  The store is actually fairly clean and new looking as opposed to most places in Little Saigon which look run down and sort of dirty.  On the left side of the store they have refrigerators that have soy bean milk, tofu and various other products they make.  The middle section has the cashier, fruits and a sort of steam table set up with a variety of fried tofu that they make.  The right side has a table of various Vietnamese snacks and dried goods.

Here’s what I got on my last trip:

Sua Dau Nanh (Pandan Flavored Soy Bean Milk):

This is the main reason I come here.  They make great soy bean milk here.  It’s very clean tasting, not powdery, not too sweet and generally has a good flavor. I really like the pandan flavored one (hence the reason it is green). Pandan is a type of leaf that is used extensively in southeast Asian food (Malaysian, Vietnamese etc).  It has a particular flavor that I find hard to describe as it’s pretty unique, the closest I can explain it is sort of coconut-y, but not really.  It tastes so good with the soy bean milk, my GF who doesn’t even like soy bean milk thinks this version is pretty good.  I could drink this everyday.  8.5/10

Bahn Bo Nuong (Baked Rice Cake):

I randomly got this last time.  It looks like bread, but it’s actually a rice cake.  It has a somewhat glutinous texture and tastes similar to this Cantonese rice cake thing I used to eat when I was a kid. It’s sort of just sweet, not much more to it than that. It was decent, but I didn’t love it. 6.75/10

Fried Tofu:

I got the wrong one, I got one before that was stuffed with meat, noodles and mushrooms and that one was really good.  This was just fried tofu with no real flavoring to it, so it was kind of plain.  It tasted much better when you put some sriracha sauce on it.  If you go here get the one that is stuffed with meat not this one. 6.75/10

I didn’t get tofu this time, but they do have good tofu as well.

Overall, I really like the soy bean products at this place and I highly recommend it for that.

9688 Westminster Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92844
(714) 534-2100

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