Xiao Fei Yang / Little Sheep – Hot Pot in Hong Kong

小肥羊 (Xiao Fei Yang / Little Sheep) is a famous chain of hot pot places and it is a massive chain (it’s a public company with hundreds of branches). I’m not the biggest fan of hot pot, while I think it’s good, I just don’t love it, so you’ll almost never find me choosing to go to a hot pot place and this was no different.  I’ve been to this branch before; it’s very nice for a hot pot place and was jam packed (1 hour wait).

We got the half spicy and half non-spicy, the spicy broth was more spicy than I remember it being (some people at the table couldn’t really take it although I was fine with it). The ingredients were fresh and everything was fine, but there’s just not that much to it, it’s just hot pot and again I wasn’t wow’d by it (I’ve only been wow’d by hot pot once in Chengdu, China). 8/10


2/F, Causeway Bay Plaza 2, 463-483 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay


Phone: 2893 8318

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