Xiao Tian Gu – Some Damn Good Tang Yuan in Tai Hang

We started the night by having dinner at Fisherman’s Cuisine Hamayaki Taisho in Tai Hang.  Tai Hang is a really cool up and coming neighborhood that has a lot of cool restaurants.  It’s got this mix of old school and modern and it’s pretty low-key, but with a somewhat trendy vibe to it.  Anyhow, after dinner I decided that I wanted dessert and we happened to walk by Xiao Tian Gu (小甜谷), which was totally full and had some people waiting.  That’s usually a good sign, so I stopped in and got an order of black sesame tang yuan (hei zhi ma tang yuan) in ginger soup.

Black Sesame Tang Yuan (Hei Zhi Ma Tang Yuan):

Tang yuan are rice dough balls with filling, in this case ground up black sesame and sugar.  This was honestly some of the best tang yuan I’ve ever had.  The dough was perfectly tender, the filling had great flavor without being too sweet and the ginger soup wasn’t too sweet, gingery or watery (all typical downfalls of this dessert).  I was really happy about it since it is a favorite Chinese dessert of mine.  9/10

The other desserts looked really good and I’m definitely going to stop in again next time I’m in Hong Kong.  Also, fyi the sign is only in Chinese, so look at the characters I wrote earlier if you stop by.

G/F, 10-11B School Street, Tai Hang
Phone: 2882 6133

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