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Food Gallery 32 – An Interesting New Food Court in Ktown

Food Gallery 32 is located on 32nd Street in the middle of Koreatown…
January 17, 2011/by Lau

Sea Harbour – Still the Best Dim Sum in LA

To caveat the title of this post, Elite maybe of similar quality,…
January 11, 2011/by Lau

Yu’s Garden – Pretty Decent Taiwanese Food in Irvine

Yu’s Garden is located in the small Chinese / Asian area of…
January 5, 2011/by Lau

Favori – Delicious Vietnamese Catfish and Crab in Little Saigon

Little Saigon is the oldest and largest Vietnamese community…
January 4, 2011/by Lau

Ken’s Seafood Restaurant – Pretty Decent But Not Great Cantonese Food in Philadelphia

I was in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving to see my GF’s family…
December 29, 2010/by Lau

Korean Thanksgiving – Sorry You Can’t Buy This

This website is mainly a restaurant site, but this Korean food…
December 27, 2010/by Lau

Sushi Yasuda – Great Last Meal with Yasuda

When I read that Yasuda was leaving his namesake restaurant Sushi…
December 24, 2010/by Lau

Sushi Azabu – One Of The Better Sushi Places In NY

Sushi Azabu is a strange place as it is located in the basement…
December 18, 2010/by Lau

Old Sichuan – Good Sichuan Food in Chinatown

Last night I went to Old Sichuan 老正川 with some chowhound…
December 16, 2010/by Lau

New J&B (formerly King’s Seafood) – Potentially The Worst Dim Sum I Have Ever Had

**THIS RESTAURANT HAS CLOSED**I generally think I’m pretty…
December 14, 2010/by Lau

Tuck Shop – Delicious Australian Meat Pies in the East Village

Tuck Shop is a small restaurant doing mainly take-out in the…
December 11, 2010/by Lau

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake – Great Cheesecake in Nolita

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake is a family run bakery that sells…
December 9, 2010/by Lau
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