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Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong – Finally Good Korean BBQ In NY

Kang Ho Dong is a famous Korean comedian and former wrestler…
April 9, 2014/by Lau

Noodle Village – Hong Kong Style Food Worth Checking Out

February 25, 2014/by Lau

Somtum Der – Great New Isaan Style Thai, But Hold The Somtum

Somtum Der is one of the latest additions to NY’s explosion…
February 1, 2014/by Lau

Takahachi Bakery – My New Favorite Japanese Bakery In NY

Takahachi Bakery is a Japanese bakery that I discovered by…
December 26, 2013/by Lau

Bassanova Ramen – One Of My New Favorite Ramen Restaurants In NY

Bassanova is a branch of a popular Tokyo ramen shop that specializes…
December 9, 2013/by Lau

Tan Cang Newport Seafood – One Of My Favorite Restaurants In Orange County

Tan Cang Newport Seafood is basically an institution at this…
October 22, 2013/by Lau

Sushi Nakazawa – How Does It Compare To Jiro? I Don’t Know Or Care, But This Is Some Of The Best Sushi In NY

Sushi Nakazawa was recently opened by Daisuke Nakazawa who…
October 16, 2013/by Lau

Tao Hong Bakery – A Solid If Unremarkable Chinatown Bakery, But Try The Mango Sticky Rice Ball

Tao Hong Bakery is a bakery I noticed because of a positive…
October 2, 2013/by Lau

Sakura-Ya – Old School Amazing Mochi in Gardena

Sakura-Ya is the last and my favorite of the three places I’ve…
September 11, 2013/by Lau

Sakae Sushi – This Is Not Jiro, But It’s Still Awesome

Sakae Sushi is one of the three places I mentioned in my post…
September 4, 2013/by Lau

New Kam Hing Coffee Shop – One Of The Best Sponge Cakes In Chinatown

New Kam Hing is an old school Cantonese coffee shop on Baxter…
August 19, 2013/by Lau

Mei Li Wah – A Cha Siu Bao Institution; Amazing Cha Siu Bao? No…The Best In Chinatown? Probably

Mei Li Wah is a Chinatown institution and my blog would not be…
August 5, 2013/by Lau
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