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Saburi – Interesting and Tasty Wafu Chuka (Japanese-Style Chinese Food)

It seems like almost every culture has its’ own version of Chinese food. Wafu Chuka 味風中華 is Japan’s version of Chinese food and to my knowledge Saburi is New York’s only Wafu Chuka restaurant.  While I’m generally not much of a fan of fusion food and I don’t really like American-Chinese food, for some reason […]

New Kim Tuong / Kien Tuong – Hard to Find Singaporean / Teochew “Carrot Cake” in NY

I noticed New Kim Tuong walking through Chinatown and thought it might be interesting because of it’s got a Vietnamese name even though it was clearly a Chinese restaurant. I thought it might be Chinese people from Vietnam like Bo Ky and New Chao Chow that serve some Teochow (Chiu Chow / Chao Zhou) dishes. […]

Hsin Wong – Good Cantonese BBQ and Peking Duck in Chinatown

**THIS RESTAURANT HAS CLOSED** Hsin Wong is another shao la (Cantonese BBQ) and congee restaurant in Chinatown.  The most well-known places are Great NY Noodletown and Big Wong King and they are also generally considered to be the best.  However, I think Hsin Wong is on par with them. Although I’ve been to Hsin Wong […]

Kalustyan’s – Awesome Middle Eastern / Mediterranean Deli in the Upstairs of Kalustyan’s

Kalustyan’s is a great market that has all types of spices, ingredients, dried fruits and pastries mainly from Middle Eastern countries or India. However, this review is for the small café that they have on the second floor. I believe the guy running the cafe is the owner of Kalustyan’s and I think he is […]

Baidu Shabu Shabu / Mapo Szechuan – Delicious Hot Pot in Flushing

Typically, I haven’t been the biggest hot pot fan, I generally like it, but I never crave it.  However, for some reason recently I’ve really been craving it; maybe because it’s been so cold, I don’t know.  I asked around and some people recommended Baidu Shabu Shabu in Flushing, so I met up with a […]

Noodle Village – Good Hong Kong Style Food in Chinatown

Noodle Village serves Hong Kong style Cantonese food.  I’m not quite sure how I can describe the difference between Hong Kong style Cantonese food versus Cantonese food in the rest of Guang Dong (the province that Cantonese food comes from) as I haven’t spent a huge amount of time in the rest of Guang Dong, […]

Ken’s Seafood Restaurant – Pretty Decent But Not Great Cantonese Food in Philadelphia

I was in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving to see my GF’s family and we decided to go to Chinese food on actual Thanksgiving Day so that her mom wouldn’t have to cook.  I was debating between Ken’s and Tai Lake as those seemed to be the most highly recommended restaurants in Chinatown.  We picked Ken’s because […]

New J&B (formerly King’s Seafood) – Potentially The Worst Dim Sum I Have Ever Had

**THIS RESTAURANT HAS CLOSED** I generally think I’m pretty good at filtering restaurants. I’ve usually researched a restaurant enough to figure out whether there is a reasonable chance that it’s good or if it’s something like Chinese food where reviews can be unreliable you can usually scout it out to see if there are tell […]

Ka Wah – My Favorite Bakery in Chinatown

Chinatown is chock full of bakeries.  Most of the bakeries fall into two categories they are either a) old school style cha chaan teng (茶餐廳, cha can ting, literally “tea restaurant”) that serve various old school Cantonese buns and pastries or b) more modern bakeries that have all types of pastries, buns and crazy cakes […]

Southern Spice – Interesting Southern Indian Food in Flushing

**THIS RESTAURANT HAS CLOSED** I’ve been reading about Southern Spice in Flushing for a while.  I finally decided to try it a couple of weeks ago.   It is a southern Indian restaurant that according to the website serves food from Andhra Pradesh (where Hyderbad is located), Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.  It was interesting because I’ve […]

Bo Ky – Good Chiu Chow Noodle and BBQ Restaurant in Chinatown

I never really understood why Bo Ky and New Chao Chow never really get mentioned when people talk about Chinatown.  They are two of the better restaurants in Chinatown.  They are also the only restaurants that serve Chiu Chow food (潮州, Chao Zhou, Teo Chew).  Chiu Chow is a city in Eastern Guang Dong.  Even […]

South China Garden (formerly Cantoon Garden) – Still the Best Restaurant in Chinatown

**THIS RESTAURANT HAS CLOSED (LOST THEIR LEASE)** I originally wrote about South China Garden (formerly Cantoon Garden) in January 2009, which you can see here, as one of the best restaurants in Chinatown.  Since then not too much has changed except for the English name; the Chinese name remains the same 粵江春餐館 (yue jiang chun can […]

Lan Zhou Zheng Zong La Mian –Interesting Chinese Muslim Hand Pulled Noodles

Lan Zhou Zheng Zong La Mian (兰州正宗牛肉拉面 ) was a place we happened to just stop by when I was in Shanghai, my friend and I were looking for something quick to eat by his apartment and we stopped by this place because it looked interesting and it was really close to his apartment.   It […]

Xin Da Lu China Kitchen – Good Upscale Peking Duck Restaurant in Shanghai

新大陆中国厨房 Xin Da Lu China Kitchen is located at the Hyatt on the Bund.  The Hyatt is a very nice hotel on the Bund in Shanghai (check out their rooftop bar, it has a great view of Shanghai at night).  Unlike most of the restaurants I chose to eat at in Shanghai, Xin Da Lu […]

Di Shui Dong – A Very Good Hunan Restaurant in Shanghai

Di Shui Dong滴水洞饭店 was the first dinner I had in Shanghai.  My friend’s girlfriend recommended this restaurant, which serves Hunan food.  I believe it’s a pretty well known although some people told me it’s a bit touristy / overhyped. It’s located on the second floor in a pretty busy neighborhood in Shanghai.  The interior is […]

Tian Tian Hai Nan Ji Fan 天天海南雞飯 – My Favorite Hai Nan Chicken Rice in Singapore

Hai Nan chicken rice is probably my all time favorite dish in Singapore.  I literally ate chicken rice 4-5 times per week for lunch when I studied abroad in Singapore.  Tian Tian Hai Nan Ji Fan (天天海南雞飯) is located in Maxwell Food Center, a well known hawker center.  It is very famous in Singapore and […]

Jin Hua 金華- Great Fish Bee Hoon at Maxwell Food Center in Singapore

Maxwell Food Center is a hawker center.  In Singapore, street food has been organized in a very efficient manner whereby you go to a center that has tons of stalls with communal seating and people that will clean up after you.  These hawker centers maybe one of my all time favorite styles of eating because […]

Fu Cheng Shi Pin 富城食品 – Pretty Good Popiah in Chinatown Food Center in Singapore

We were walking around Chinatown and decided to stop by the Chinatown Food Center to grab a snack.  Chinatown Food Center is a cool looking hawker center that is on the second floor that has a huge amount of hawkers, I used to come here pretty frequently when I lived here.  It’s actually pretty funny […]

Ya Kun – A Chain, But Still Tasty Kaya Toast

Ya Kun is a chain of Singaporean breakfast restaurants that are all over Singapore and also has branches in Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and the Philippines.  They serve a variety of different types of toasts, coffee, tea and soft boiled eggs.  All these are fairly staple Singaporean breakfast items. As I mentioned in my post […]