Jin Hua 金華- Great Fish Bee Hoon at Maxwell Food Center in Singapore

Maxwell Food Center is a hawker center.  In Singapore, street food has been organized in a very efficient manner whereby you go to a center that has tons of stalls with communal seating and people that will clean up after you.  These hawker centers maybe one of my all time favorite styles of eating because there are so many choices and there is some really amazing food.

We had just gotten off the plane from Hong Kong and were starving, so I decided to make our first meal at Maxwell Food Center specifically to go to Tian Tian Hai Nan Ji Fan, which I think is unbelievable.  However, since we were there I decided I should try at least one other place.  After looking around the center, Jin Hua 金華 looked like it was a good candidate as there was a reasonably long line which is always a good sign and I like fish bee hoon.  Bee hoon is I believe the chiu chow name for mi fen (米粉) otherwise known as rice vermicelli although maybe it’s the hokkien name (I can’t remember because I don’t speak either of those languages).

Fish Bee Hoon (Yu Pian Mi Fen):

I wanted to try the fish head bee hoon, but the vendor told me they were out of it and to try the fish slice bee hoon as it’s exactly the same except with fish slices instead of fish head.  It came out and it was a bowl of rice vermicelli with gai lan (Chinese broccoli), crispy golden fried onions and lightly fried slices of fish in a milky broth.  It looked a bit different than most fish bee hoon I’ve had as the broth was more milky than usual.  Wow was this good, the broth was actually a little bit milky, which I wasn’t expecting, but it was really good, the flavor of the fish broth was really clean, not even remotely fishy in a bad way.  The noodles were excellent and really complemented the broth.  The pieces of fish were perfectly cooked, I’m not sure what type of fish it was, but the meat was perfectly flaky and delicious.  The vegetables and fried onions were a good complement as well and didn’t overpower the soup at all.  This was really good, probably one of the best noodle soups I may have ever had.  I really liked this. 9/10

I’d highly recommend coming here if you’re in Singapore

77 Maxwell Road Food Centre

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