Shi Jia Gua Bao is a small restaurant specializing in gua bao.  It’s located just off the main strip of the Tong Hua night market (Linjiang Street night market).  Tong Hua is not as famous as Shilin, but it’s one of my favorite night markets and located in Da’an, which happens to be one of my favorite neighborhoods in Taipei.  The night market has great food, it’s not as much of a crowded mess as places like Shilin and there are tons of great small restaurants in the area right around the night market.

Fuzhou Style Fish Balls (Fu Zhou Yu Wan Tang)

These were Fuzhou style fish balls, which have pork filling.  The fish balls were good quality and had a nice texture; I’m pretty sure they were homemade based on their texture.  The pork filling was flavorful and good.  The clear soup was light and tasted good with white pepper.  8/10

Meat Buns (Xiao Rou Bao)

These were steamed fluffy white buns with pork filling similar to a dumpling.  The bun was fluffy and light while the pork filling was flavorful and delicious.  These were excellent. 8.5/10

Taiwanese Hamburger (Gua Bao)

Gua bao is a Taiwanese street food that is steamed white bun stuffed with stewed pork belly, ground peanut, cilantro, suan cai (pickled vegetable) and a brown sugary powder.  The version here was outstanding.  The bun was fluffy, the pork belly was tender and flavorful as you could really taste the five spice and star anise and the condiments were all great.  This is probably one of the best gua bao I’ve had.  9/10

This is a great place and definitely worth checking out when you to go Tong Hua night market.

106 台北市大安區通化街21-1號
No. 21-1, Tonghua Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106