Sushi Azabu – The Best Deal for Quality Sushi in Manhattan

I previously reviewed Sushi Azabu back in December 2010, so I’m going to skip a lot of details about the restaurant as you can read my previous review.

This review is all about their “Koi Course”, which consists of a small appetizer, 10 pieces of nigiri sushi and a miso soup for $35 per person.  Recently, I’ve been going here quite a bit to take advantage of the fact that Sushi Azabu is one of the better places for sushi in the city and this deal allows to have top quality sushi for a reasonable price (at least reasonable in sushi land).

The course is slightly different each time, but here’s what we got last time:

Hijiki Seaweed:

This was a small salad made up of shredded hijiki seaweed and a few pieces of diced carrots in a sauce made of soy sauce and sugar.  It was prepared nicely and the slightly sweet sauce complimented the hijiki seaweed perfectly.  8/10

Blue Fin Tuna:

This was a great piece of tuna.  The meat had great texture with the right amount of fat and was very tender.  The flavor was very nice and clean.  8.25/10


This was very nice as well, clean tasting with great texture. 8/10

Blue Fin Tuna:

I completely forgot to ask the chef where everything was from, but this was from somewhere different than the first piece, but it was excellent and tasted similar to the first piece. 8.25/10

Japanese Red Snapper:

Another clean tasting piece, it was mild as snapper always is, but it tasted very good. 8/10


Fluke is another fairly mild flavor fish that is more about the texture in my mind than the flavor.  This was a nice piece with good texture. 8/10


This was a really nice piece of salmon with a clean salmon flavor that was rich, but still had good texture. 8.25/10

King Salmon:

This was more mild flavored than the other piece of salmon, but was marbled beautifully so it was a little more melt in your mouth. It was very good as well. 8.25/10

Grilled Salmon:

This was great; it was a piece of salmon that they quickly blow torched.  I really liked the slightly smoky charred flavor that the blow torch gives it (this was so good that I later got a second piece). 8.5/10

Cooked Shrimp (Ebi):

Ebi is not my favorite sushi as it’s fairly bland, but the version here was good.  7.25/10


This was a nice scallop, the meat was sweet and the salt compliments it nicely.  8/10

Miso Soup:

I forgot to take a picture of this, but it was good miso soup.  It wasn’t overly salty and had a much better flavor than the packaged kind you get at a lot of Japanese restaurants in NY.  7.75/10

Overall, the meal was great.  I did order another 2 pieces of sushi after this, but it’s a great way to taste some of NY’s top tier sushi without completely destroying your wallet.

428 Greenwich St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 274-0428

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