Sun Light Bakery – Fresh made to order chang fen / cheung fan (Chinese steamed rice crepe) in Chinatown / LES

Sun Light Bakery is a small Cantonese bakery on East Broadway located on the far eastern part of Chinatown that borders the Lower Eastside.  The bakery is a regular Cantonese bakery with decent baked goods.  However, the real draw is that next door is a small snack shop that is part of the bakery that serves fresh made to order chang fen / cheung fan, which is a steamed Chinese rice crepe with various fillings you can choose.  Typically, you see this dish at dim sum places.  However, in Hong Kong there are places that will make it fresh for you.  It’s much better fresh and when I saw they were serving it fresh, I got very excited.  They have a variety of fillings you can get such as dried baby shrimp, fresh shrimp, beef, roast pork.

So far I’ve tried the beef, dried baby shrimp and the cha shao / cha siu (roast pork):


The beef is different than the version you get at dim sum places, this is more small chunks of minced beef as opposed to the minced beef that fills up the middle.  The chang fen is cut up and the lady will ask you if you want scallions and she will sprinkle diced scallions and cilantro on it (definitely recommend getting that).  You then pour a dark, semi sweet soy sauce on it.  This was quite good. 7.75/10

Dried Baby Shrimp:

This was the same thing, but I liked it a bit better as I really like dried baby shrimp. 8/10

Cha Shao / Cha Siu (Roast Pork):

This was the same thing, but I thought the cha siu wasn’t very good quality as it was a bit dried out although it still tasted pretty good overall. 7/10

Overall, a solid place and if you’re in the neighborhood I recommend stopping in.  Also, I recommend eating it immediately as it tastes much better.

160 E Broadway
New York, NY 10002
(212) 608-8899

Bisous Ciao – Amazing Macarons in the LES

Bisous Ciao is a new macaron store in the Lower Eastside.  It’s a small store with a sleek minimalist black and white interior that only sells macarons.  I noticed it one day walking home from work and I was somewhat surprised to see it in the Lower Eastside as it seemed a bit out of place although the neighborhood food scene keeps getting better, so I’m happy to have them here.

I love macarons so I decided to pick up a box.  The guy told me that the glass case they keep it in is chilled, so I should keep them in the refrigerator until I want to eat them and then let them sit out for 10-15 minutes to let them get to room temperature.

I got the raspberry, pistachio, lemon, rose and black sesame.

Wow, they were amazing.  My gf and I couldn’t believe how high quality they were.  They were so fresh with a perfect cookie / pastry exterior that has slight crisp to it.  The fillings were amazing; the flavors tasted exactly like whatever flavor they were supposed to be.  Raspberry was my favorite, but they were all really good. 8.5/10

They are a bit on the expensive side at about $2 / piece, but I was so happy with the quality that I was happy to pay the price.  I’m surprised they don’t sell anything else and I certainly hope they can make a business out of this because the quality they are turning out is light years better than anything else I’ve had in New York.  Highly recommend.


101 Stanton St (between Orchard St & Ludlow St)

Manhattan, NY 10002

(212) 260-3463