Yong He Qing Zhou Dou Jiang Da Wang /永和清粥豆漿大王– The Best Taiwanese Breakfast I’ve Ever Had

Yong He (永和) is an area in Taipei that is known for it’s Taiwanese breakfast.  You will find many restaurants in the US serving Taiwanese breakfast and a great deal of them will be called Yong He.  Taiwnese breakfast consists of things like sweet soy bean milk, salty soy bean milk (soy bean milk mixed with vinegar, pork floss, pickled vegetable and chili oil), fan tuan (a rice roll stuffed with pickled vegetables, fried crueller and pork floss), luo buo gao (fried turnip cake), shao bing (a baked wheat bread with sesame seeds) and you tiao (fried crueller).

Yong He Qing Zhou Dou Jiang Da Wang /永和清粥豆漿大王 is among the most famous of the breakfast places.  In December 2009, I got a chance to try Yong He Qing Zhou Dou Jiang Da Wang and it more than lives up to it’s reputation.

Sweet Soy Bean Milk (Tian Dou Jiang):

This was the best version I’ve ever had, it’s made fresh at the restaurant.  It’s served hot and comes out in a bowl.  It’s not too sweet and has such a clean soy bean milk flavor, not chalky whatsoever.  My GF doesn’t even like soy bean milk and she thought it was really good.  I mean it’s pretty self explanatory, but simply amazing. 9.25/10

Salty Soy Bean Milk (Xian Dou Jiang):

This was also the best version I’ve ever had as well.  Same soy bean milk as the sweet soy bean milk except it has vinegar, pork floss, pickled vegetable and chili oil in it.  The vinegar causes the soy bean milk to curdle, so it sort of has chunks of tofu in it.  Same thing, my GF doesn’t even like this stuff and was like this is really good.  Amazing. 9/10

Egg Pancake (Dan Bing):

This is a thin pancake that has fried egg on it.  Their version was outstanding, so fresh and the thick chili paste they gave you has some type of bean in it that was really good and matched up perfectly with dan bing. 9/10

Fried Turnip Cake (Luo Bo Gao):

This is different than the Cantonese version which I’m used to eating.  It’s prepared the same way, but they put a different sauce on it, I believe it was some sort of oyster sauce, but different than the regular oyster sauce.  These were amazing.  The turnips were properly minced so that there weren’t strands in it.  The ham in it was really good.  They were fried perfectly, so they were crispy, but not oily at all.  One of the best version I’ve ever had. 9/10

Rice Roll (Fan Tuan):

This is rice that is stickier than normal that is rolled up sort of like a sushi roll and stuffed with pickled vegetables (suan cai), fried crueler (you tiao) and pork floss (rou song).  This was so good.  The pickled vegetables were really good, I’m pretty sure that they make it themselves, I don’t know how to explain how taste, but the Taiwanese suan cai is one of my favorite pickled vegetables.  Everything was just so good about this especially when you dip it into the xian dou jiang. 8.75/10

Wheat Pancake (Shao Bing):

They baked these fresh and they literally pulled them out of the oven when we ordered them.  You take these and dip them in the dou jiang, again the best version I’ve ever had. 8.75/10

I can’t say enough about how good this place and it was also exceptionally cheap (3 of us at for $5 USD total).  If you are in Taipei this is a “must go” type place.



No. 102, Section 2, FùXìng South Rd,

Phone: 02-2702-1228